Visit in Melipilla

At 9 a.m Tanja and me (Björn) stardet our trip to Melipilla from the Centra Station. We arrived fast and without complications. We gave our frst presentation at 11 in the Highschool Maitenes in wich our area rep Solange Cáceres is an english teacher so she could make it possible that we can give an presentation. So we gave our first presentation about YFU and Germany at 11 a.m.. After this presentation we went to another High School where we presented YFU to a principal but we couldn´t give a speech to the pupils because it was lunch time. So we also got a (really tasty) lunch. Moreover after the lunch we´ve gone to  another Highschool (San Christobal) to give the same presentation and a speech about Germany. After visiting the school we had to wait untill 7 p.m. to give a presentation about YFU to parents. In total came 3. 2 of them have a child whos now in Germany for a year with YFU. He loves Germany and the experience in his exchange year eventough he had some problems in his family he really likes it. And his parents also praise the work of YFU and told us the we are always really fast and do our best. Finally a 9 o´clock we went home and arrived really tired at 10 in Santiago.GOPR2127[1].JPGGOPR2123[1].JPG

From Uruguay to Argentina to Chile

Hello how are you?
My name is Björn Lindstädt I am from Germany and I am the new intern from YFU Chile. I have made an exchange year in Uruguay in 2012/13 when I have been 15 years old. Now I am 19 years old. I really like camping (the life of an adventurer), play the guitar, and longboarding.
Last year I finished highschool and started travelling through Latin America. First of all i come back, the first time after my exchange year, to Uruguay. Where i got an internship with YFU Uruguay for two month. Well actually i‘ve stayed just 1 month because YFU Argentina needed urgently one internship that organize an event called Deutschcamp (Germancamp/Campamento alemán) because the intenship, that was going to organize this camp; had to leave urgently Argentina. So i have stayed 4 Month working with YFU Argentina and I have known many parts of Argentina. Meanwhile i have been in Argentina I have read that YfU Chile was looking for an Intern so I postulated myself and had the luck to get this internship with YFU Chile. My internship started the 21 of April and i will stay up to 21 of July. I am still really excited about learning the chilean culture and typical dishes.In fact i am here in Chile since tuesday, 28.04.2017 ( one week) so there are still a lot of things to explore. My task as an intern here Chile is to promote together with Tanja, the new promotion coordinator, YFU Chile.
I think it’s going to be a great time.


Me as an intern in YFU Uruguay

Mi time in YFU Argentina, on the right foto you can see the paticipants of the Deutschcamp in Misiones,Argentina 🙂
So here i am in Santiago de Chile!!
See you soon, Björn 🙂

Southern Chile Roadtrip 2017

The past 24th – 30th May our Inbound students had the chance to meet again for the annual South Chile Roadtrip which was full of awesome activities. They gathered in the YFU Chile National Office to start the roadtrip to Pucón where the fun started with the students doing canopy and getting to know the town. Other activities done there where to visit a local Mapuche community in Curarrehue, Caburgua Lake and Trancura Spas.

Afterwards the roardtrip continued to Puerto Varas where the students were able to visit Petrohué, Peulla and other beautiful places in the area. They also celebrated the birthday of one of them with a cake and good music.

On the ride back they stopped in Puerto Montt, Angelmó, Frutillar, Puerto Octay and Osorno for last minute shopping and arrived to Santiago very happy about the trip and excited about the upcoming International Dinner.

Area-Representative´s trainning at Punta de Tralca 2017

7-9 Abril 2017 Punta de Tralca  Balneario Banco Central.IMG_8083.JPG

There were more than 15 representatives from nortern chile to southern chile and 10 staffs and our volunteer Catalina Mardones from YFU National Office and our invited staff from YFU Argentina Maricruz León that came to participate in Area-Representative´s training 2017 at Punta de Tralca 2017 Balneario Banco Central.

We did a lot of effective training sessions for representatives as teamwork session so they could work harmoniously. It was a representative´s meeting as well because they got to know new each others so we can work more effective as institutional representatives.

Maricruz León Pragram Manager from YFU Argentina


Maricruz León Pragram Manager from YFU Argentina came directly from Argentina just to give us tips and knowledge of intercultural sensitivity voluntarily to adapt and utilize for institutional development and quality of YFU World.

Catalina Mardones volunteer from YFU Chile


Catalina Mardones our volunteer from YFU Chile also did a session of Canvas(Teamwork and Leadership) that was so useful to adapt in our diary life and YFU´s work as well.

Tanja Tervonen Promotion coordinator and Luz Gorráez Intern Inbound also did they own countries presentation (Finland and México) to show us about their countries, culture, language, tradition, foods, landscape and way of life.

Pictures of activities that we have done in the training


These are delicious foods that we ate during the training


These are our representatives




Estela      Mamani



Alvaro Eduardo         Muñoz López



Carmen Luz       Vía San Martín



Yasna       Araya

La Serena


Cristián      Cruz



Anita Maria      Acevedo Ukrow



Sebastián Alejandro      Muñoz Salinas

Puerto Varas


María Carolina      Weldt Montaner

Los Andres, San Felipe, San Esteban


Rose Mary      Turner Astudillo

Los Andres, San Felipe, San Esteban


Enrique       Silva

Los Ángeles, Chillan, Angol, Laja


Claudio Manuel      Castro Gutiérrez

The Newest Representative

Punta Arenas


Joseline      Ugarte



Claudia Loreto      Avendaño Molina



Paola      Quijada

Elena Burnás


our ex area-representative from Punta Arenas who had beening area-representative more than 40 years old, She had helped  us a lot voluntarily. She sent a lot of students to study abroad and promoted our exchange organization willingly and voluntarily. We really repect you and you are a very important person for us.

Thank for your help and will and coorperation.


Punta de Tralca Balneario Banco Central

the place where did the training


International Dinner 2017

31/3/2017 YFU ´s National Office

Each exchange student has to bring a local food or dessert from their own countries to share in the event. Most of them came to the event with their host family to participate and enjoy International Dinner 2017 Event also our volunteers from Santiago and ex exchange students came to help us to set up the place and organise the event.

YFU Chile´s Volunteers


There were a lot of delicious foods from many countries in the world in the event and we tried a lot of new dishses that we hadn´t eaten before, We enjoyed the shows that exchange students had prepared to make fun and make us laugh. They surprised us by singing spanish music and dancing cueca (chilean traditional dance) and macarena. We enjoyed watching them and they also enjoyed dancing with friends on the stage. They were so happy because it was like a friend´s meeting as well, They met another exchange student to talk about thier experiencia in Chile as an exchange student, They also got to know their friend´s host family.

At the end they were dancing reggeaton. We were so surprised that they could dance reggeaton, It was so funny watching foreigners dancing reggeaton and singing.

We have had fun and really enjoyed the event.

It was a very good event.

Promotion trip to Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales

We travelled to Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales for the purpose of organizational promotion during the date 2-6  March 2017 accompanied by our ex-area representative Elena Burnas.

We went to promote YFU Chile at many schools and a few radio so we show them about what we do, We also went to visite our exchange students from Germany in Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales then we invited them to join some of our activities there and we had a dinner with Maximilian (A german exchange student in Punta Arenas) We talked a lot and asked how is everything going.

We did a mini game called “Which country”an example of question(which country is the largest country in the world) if they could answer we gave them a gift, They really like the game we did and they enjoyed answering the questions, We also showed them a thai and finnish presentation to get them to know our countries. It was so funny our speech and attractive. The last day in Punta Arenas before we went to Puerto Natales we did an activity called “Language Coffee”(An Activity of teaching finnish and thai language by manual signal, writing, 6 sense, foreign language without saying anything in spanish, It was a very good activity because they could speak and understand what we taught them without saying anything in spanish so we succeeded in doing language coffee) after the activity we took advantage of promoting our exchange organization. A lot of people was interested in sending their children to study aborad and be a part of us because they got to know that´s a good idea sending thier children to study aboard so they will learn a lot of new things. Our ex-area representative renounced officially when we went there and we assigned Joseline as the new area representative (She is our ex exchange student that went to Holland).

All of the student in classes which we went they had a lot of interest of going to study abroad and being host family because we told and show them about new culture, language, tradition, way of life and different things that they could meet during exchange year.

The schools in Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales that we went they received us very well and payed attention a lot to our speech and presentation.

The world is very small i met a thai exchange student in a school in Punta Arenas unexpectedly so we exchanged a lot of experience moreover she is from the same province as mine, Thailand has more than 77 Provinces and 68,xxx,xxx persons imagine how small the world.

The weather was so nice. We could feel the fresh air through our face inhaling and exhaling very well and The landscape was amazing in southern chile and The foods were so delicious.

We have had a very good time in southern chile promoting and enjoying the trip.

Thank to Elena Burnas and Joseline for coorperation and assistance.

Elena Burnas is our ex area representative that had been devoting to YFU Chile for more than 40 years old. She is a very good person and helpful she wants that everyone can go to study abroad and gain good experience although she is renounced from being area representative however she still wants to help us promoting and supporting YFU Chile.

Welcome our new area representative from Punta Arenas Joseline.