Promotion trip – Iquique and Arica


In the end of September/beginning of October we went all the way to Iquique and Arica in the north of Chile. This was my first promotion trip where we visited not only a lot of different schools, but also some radio channels!

We arrived in Iquique on Monday night and our first impression was that it’s very different from Santiago. It’s located in a desert zone and the city is a perfect mix of sand and ocean. The climate is warmer and the rhythm of the city is a lot sleepier than in Santiago.

We had two days of promotion in Iquique. On Tuesday morning we had a meeting with a director at one of the school where Tanja (the promotion coordinator) talked about YFU Chile and the programs that we offer. This meeting was followed by a presentation about YFU in Colegio Hispano Británico and a visit to another school to give a folder with information. In the night we met up with Yasna (the YFU Chile representative in Iquique), a volunteer and Anton (one of the exchange students that are in Iquique at the moment) and his host mum in a café in the center where we had a nice chat along with some really good cake. On Wednesday we had a similar day with meetings and radio. We were dubble booked and had to go separately to visit differents schools and radios for the scheduele of the day to be possible. It was an intense but fun day. In the night we took the bus to Arica and prepared for the reminding two days of promotion.

Thursday in Arica was intense with presentations in three differents schools with a lot of different classes. In the night we had another get together with the volunteers and exchange students in Arica + the representative person from YFU, Estela, who lives in the city. It was nice to talk to people who are all involved and engaged in YFU, although in different ways. On Friday we visited one last school, Junior Collage, where we did some short presentations about the organization and the exchange programs in a lot of different classes. Later this afternoon, we participated in some radios which was challeging but fun.

We stayed in Arica during the weekend to make the most of the stay. On Saturday we went to Lauca, a really beautiful national park. Over all it was a really intense and challeging trip since I’ve never made public presentations in Spanish before. Although I have to say that it was a lot of fun and every day I felt more comfortable!

21682474_10155177445083640_1414200908_o1-  Me and Tanja at Colegio Hispano Británico, Iquique.

21552405_10155170172688640_685222629_n  2 – Tanja, Anton from Germany and his host mum in radio Neura, Iquique.

21469673_10155170172713640_412085411_n     3 – Tanja doing a presentation about YFU Chile en Colegio San Jorge, Arica.

21640331_10155177445243640_771314170_o 4 – Me talking about Sweden in Liceo Santa María, Arica.


New intern in YFU

Hej! My name is Sofia and I’m a 25-year old girl from the south of Sweden. I’m the new intern in YFU Chile since middle of August until mid December. I’m doing the internship in the department of promotion, which means that I, among other things, will be visiting schools all over Chile, promoting the amazing exchange programs that YFU has to offer!

So how did I end up in Santiago de Chile, then? Actually it all started when I graduated high school when I was 19 years old. I had studied Spanish in school and was eager to travel and see the world and at the same time improve my language skills in reality. This made me go to Spain (Cádiz and Valencia) for a couple of months where I studied Spanish in a language school. After that, I was hooked on the idea of living abroad and being outside of my comfort zone and it was a fact that I had caught the famous travel fever. After this, I’ve worked and lived as an au pair with a Spanish family in, according to me, one of the most beautiful places in the world – Jerez de la Frontera, in Andalucía, Spain. I’ve also been to Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica) where I did volunteer work. My most recent intercultural experience was last year when I did an exchange semester in Córdoba, Argentina.

By being the intern in the promotion department in YFU Chile, I hope to be able to inspire people to go on exchange with YFU and don’t miss out on the great experience of living in another country!

I’ve been here for a month now and I can’t wait to discover more of this beautiful country and to get to know the Chilean culture on a deeper level. You’ll hear from me soon again with more updates about what is going on!

Saludos, Sofia


Me and the coordinator Tanja on a promotion trip we did two weeks ago in the North of Chile.

Let´s go to Concepción and Chillán

So from monday the 5th to thursday 8th of June Tanja and I went to Concepción to promote YFU. When we arrived on monday night in Concepcion. the rep area Alvaro Muñoz came to the bus terminal to pick us up and to bring us to our apartment we rented with airbnb for this few days.
Tuesday 6th:
So the next day we had to get up early cause we went to an student fair in Concepción. While I had to stay (with Volunteers)  on the fair, Tanja went to some schools to give talks abou
t YFU.

Well afterwards we passed by some schools to give them informative material about YFU, and at the night we meet us with Alvaro, some volunteers, and some boys that want to go aon an exchange to dinner some really tasty pizzas !IMG_20170606_204403.jpg
Wednesday 7th:

Today we also had to get early because we had to go chillán early. So when we arrived after 1,5 hours of travelling in Chillán the rep area Paola Quijada came to pick us up and we went to a public High School where they have been really friendly. They were really interested in our exchange programs( or exchange in general) and also gave us selfmade cookies, cake and coffee (soooo tasty). So Tanja has given an informative talk about YFU and I have given a presentation about Germany.
IMG_20170607_121624_1.jpgAfterwards we went to a radio station where I had to talk about YFU, and Paola also helped me to give the interview. IMG_20170607_131118.jpg
So at noon Tanja had to go back to Concepción because she had to go to the TV (!) and I stayed in Concepción to pass (with the rap area) by some schools to give them informative material about YFU. Really tired at night I went back to Concepción.

Thursday 8th:

So our last day was a short day. Actually only at the morning we went to a student fery ( accompanied by a Volunteer) (yes it was reaaaally cold as can be seen on the foto) and Tanja went to High School to give a presentation about YFU. Well afterwards we had lunch and then allready at 4 o´clock I went back to Santiago.

You will here from me soon 🙂


Visit in Melipilla

At 9 a.m Tanja and me (Björn) stardet our trip to Melipilla from the Centra Station. We arrived fast and without complications. We gave our frst presentation at 11 in the Highschool Maitenes in wich our area rep Solange Cáceres is an english teacher so she could make it possible that we can give an presentation. So we gave our first presentation about YFU and Germany at 11 a.m.. After this presentation we went to another High School where we presented YFU to a principal but we couldn´t give a speech to the pupils because it was lunch time. So we also got a (really tasty) lunch. Moreover after the lunch we´ve gone to  another Highschool (San Christobal) to give the same presentation and a speech about Germany. After visiting the school we had to wait untill 7 p.m. to give a presentation about YFU to parents. In total came 3. 2 of them have a child whos now in Germany for a year with YFU. He loves Germany and the experience in his exchange year eventough he had some problems in his family he really likes it. And his parents also praise the work of YFU and told us the we are always really fast and do our best. Finally a 9 o´clock we went home and arrived really tired at 10 in Santiago.GOPR2127[1].JPGGOPR2123[1].JPG

From Uruguay to Argentina to Chile

Hello how are you?
My name is Björn Lindstädt I am from Germany and I am the new intern from YFU Chile. I have made an exchange year in Uruguay in 2012/13 when I have been 15 years old. Now I am 19 years old. I really like camping (the life of an adventurer), play the guitar, and longboarding.
Last year I finished highschool and started travelling through Latin America. First of all i come back, the first time after my exchange year, to Uruguay. Where i got an internship with YFU Uruguay for two month. Well actually i‘ve stayed just 1 month because YFU Argentina needed urgently one internship that organize an event called Deutschcamp (Germancamp/Campamento alemán) because the intenship, that was going to organize this camp; had to leave urgently Argentina. So i have stayed 4 Month working with YFU Argentina and I have known many parts of Argentina. Meanwhile i have been in Argentina I have read that YfU Chile was looking for an Intern so I postulated myself and had the luck to get this internship with YFU Chile. My internship started the 21 of April and i will stay up to 21 of July. I am still really excited about learning the chilean culture and typical dishes.In fact i am here in Chile since tuesday, 28.04.2017 ( one week) so there are still a lot of things to explore. My task as an intern here Chile is to promote together with Tanja, the new promotion coordinator, YFU Chile.
I think it’s going to be a great time.


Me as an intern in YFU Uruguay

Mi time in YFU Argentina, on the right foto you can see the paticipants of the Deutschcamp in Misiones,Argentina 🙂
So here i am in Santiago de Chile!!
See you soon, Björn 🙂

Southern Chile Roadtrip 2017

The past 24th – 30th May our Inbound students had the chance to meet again for the annual South Chile Roadtrip which was full of awesome activities. They gathered in the YFU Chile National Office to start the roadtrip to Pucón where the fun started with the students doing canopy and getting to know the town. Other activities done there where to visit a local Mapuche community in Curarrehue, Caburgua Lake and Trancura Spas.

Afterwards the roardtrip continued to Puerto Varas where the students were able to visit Petrohué, Peulla and other beautiful places in the area. They also celebrated the birthday of one of them with a cake and good music.

On the ride back they stopped in Puerto Montt, Angelmó, Frutillar, Puerto Octay and Osorno for last minute shopping and arrived to Santiago very happy about the trip and excited about the upcoming International Dinner.